Women of Letters


Women of Letters is a best-selling literary salon. Each month, New York’s best and brightest women come together on stage to celebrate the lost art of letter-writing.


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Women of letters was founded in 2010 by Michaela McGuire and Marieke Hardy.


Each month, host Sofija Stefanovic introduces a lineup of six women, from various walks of life.

The most interesting and acclaimed writers, musicians, actors, comedians and politicians appear together on stage, in an intimate setting, with the purpose of celebrating female talent and the lost art of letter-writing.

The shows are funny and sad, and never recorded or filmed – part of the magic is that they exist in the moment, and the events are a safe story-telling space.

The show attracts guests of the highest caliber, from all disciplines. Women of Letters veterans include: Molly Ringwald, Jean Grae, Kathleen Turner, Margo Jefferson, Martha Wainwright, Aparna Nancherla, Siri Hustvedt, Edie Falco, Elaine Welteroth, Susan Orlean, Emma Straub, Alexis Okeowo, Sonia Manzano, Eileen Myles, Suki Kim, Tavi Gevinson, Yael Stone, Amber Tamblyn and many more.



April 30th

“A Letter to my sorry-not-sorry”

Every month, New York’s best and brightest women come together on stage to celebrate the lost art of letter writing. Expect laughter, tears, and camaraderie as special guest host Sandi Marx welcomes guests reading “A letter to my sorry-not-sorry”. Together on stage for the first time ever:

Award-winning journalist and Teen Vogue columnist LAUREN DUCA
Pulitzer Prize-winning critic and author of Negroland MARGO JEFFERSON
Bard Fiction Prize-winning author of You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine ALEXANDRA KLEEMAN
Critically acclaimed singer and actor MOLLY POPE
Beloved comic, producer and host SHALEWA SHARPE
Celebrated writer and author of It Ended Badly JENNIFER WRIGHT


Our regular monthly shows are hosted by acclaimed author and Moth storyteller Sofija Stefanovic @sstefanovic
Produced by Trish Nelson’s BanterGirl @BanterGirlSTW
Women of Letters was founded by NYC co-curator Michaela McGuire (@michaelamcguire) and Marieke Hardy (@mariekehardy).



In the last seven years, Women of Letters events have raised over $850,000 for charity. The New York shows have donated proceeds to organisations we feel passionately about, including Planned Parenthood, PEN International, Millay Colony and Guernica.


Women of Letters was founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia, by writers Michaela McGuire and Marieke Hardy. Since its inception, Women of Letters has enjoyed sellout success in Australia and toured internationally to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin (SXSW), London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Wellington and Indonesian cities Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Ubud.

While Hardy continues to create sellout events in Australia, McGuire curates the monthly show in New York in collaboration with acclaimed author and Moth storyteller Sofija Stefanovic, and performer and producer Trish Nelson and BanterGirl (a production company with an honest mission to establish a diverse and creative empire of women, and shine a light on their talents).

Penguin Random House has released seven bestselling anthologies of letters from the live shows. Airmail is the first international edition.

“In our world which is becoming increasingly more disconnected by dependency on social media and our tendencies to live online, I feel that projects like Women of Letters are the antidote. Bringing people together in one room to hear people tell their stories is a powerful reminder of our humanity.”

– Molly Ringwald

“Women of Letters is the perfect alchemy of literary art-party and storytelling, with drinking and bonding for all genders of truth-seekers. Marieke and Michaela deserve a medal for creating this happening while we’re on earth.”

– Amanda Palmer

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